Sizegenetics Review: The Most Popular Penis Extension Device On The Market?



  • Sizegenetics Ultimate System
  • 58 way ultimate comfort system
  • Luxury Leather Case
  • Lock and Key
  • Double Money Back Guarantee

  • Sizegenetics Comfort Package
  • 58 way ultimate comfort system
  • Comfort Pad & Strap
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It is quite surprising that in our time, most people are concerned about the size of their penis. sizegenetics logo since 1996While many people claim that it is rather the performance that counts, in fact, men want to have larger sexual organs, in order to help them develop their confidence as sexual partners.

If you are looking for effective products to improve male sexuality, you certainly could read the many comments and opinions about SizeGenetics.

The SizeGenetics penis extender is sold since 1996 and has developed devoted and loyal men who have won a few inches with SizeGenetics and that changed their lives. In this SizeGenetics male extender review, we shall check out some of the features, benefits and use of this device.

What Is Sizegenetics Penis Extension System?

This product falls into the category of penis extenders. This is a medical device based on the principle of traction, which is designed to increase the size and length of the penis over a fixed period. As a class 1 medical device, it is considered completely safe because it is made with materials and medical components of great quality.SizeGenetics Kit It poses no health risk to users, which makes it ideal for people from all backgrounds.

Contrary to what many people may think, and as pointed out many reviews, this is not only recommended for men who are concerned about the size of their penis. Men who are already well-hung can also enjoy the results. As always, trust and self-esteem are important factors that help men improve their performance in bed.

For some people, the product can be a key element to help keep the flame within their couple.

Does Sizegenetics Really Work?

SizeGenetics is not an ordinary extension tool for your penis which is poorly designed and hard to use. Most critics of the product SizeGenetics rave about the fact that this product is composed of two elements: the device itself and a penis exercise program. Infact, both are intended to complement each other strategically and effectively to cause enlargement desired.

sizegenetics resultsA device is a tool, specifically designed to apply traction to the penis in order to add a few centimeters to the length and girth of the penis. This corresponds to a potential gain of about 30% or an increase of 3 to 7 cm in length and 1.5 cm in diameter in only 24 weeks.

Imagine how many centimeters you could enlarge if you use it systematically and continuously.

The exercise program that accompanies the device comes from The purchase of the device will give you free unlimited access to the website that is reserved for the subscribers’ membership. You can find many instructional videos on security and strategic exercise that can help increase your penis size.

The Proper guidance makes these safe and efficient exercises… so there is no need to fret.

official website

Sizegenetics Before & After Pictures With Results

Most articles and user reviews about SizeGenetics have already revealed with certainty that the device is influenced by the principle of traction. This is the same technique practiced by some ancient cultures to extend the specific body parts like ear lobes and neck.

Scientific studies have found that if it works for other body parts, traction also works when applied to the male sexual organ.

The use of the traction apparatus will target specific tissues in the corpora cavernosa of the penis shaft. Traction induce these tissues to create new cells, which in turn accumulate and cause tissue growth. Cell regeneration will naturally and logically add to the length and the thickness of the penis.

As if that were not enough, most critics never fail to mention how the traction technique applied by the use of this SizeGenetics device can help to improve the current structure of the penis. What does that mean for the many men with Peyronie’s disease? This is a good tool for the treatment of this disease, which results in a noticeable and unusual curve making painful erections and sexual activity more difficult for some men.

What Really Makes It So Special?comfortable wear

The MDA technology. You know… what might that be?

Well, it is simply a revolutionary design technology that the manufacturer has put in his SizeGenetics extender. Technology Multi Directional Angling (MDA) is simply allowing SizeGenetics to be worn… brace yourself… 16 different ways! In other words, this expander

easily and fluidly follows the shape and size of your penis, wherever you go! And this is where the specialty lies. While other devices forcing the penis to adopt a single stance that could, over time, cause significant pain, SizeGenetics fits your penis in the perfect manner!

How To Use It?

The device must be used often and as much as possible in order to achieve a good result. It is unobtrusive and lightweight design, which means it can be used very easily under clothing without anyone noticing and without any hassles.

There are 16 ways to wear Size Genetics and even a selection of angles for which is not required to use only one. In addition, quality materials ensure comfort. The Size Genetics is a device designed to help men who want to extend or lengthen the penis by traction. It is a gentle mono-therapeutic device that can be used without medical supervision.

This means that Size Genetics can be used at home by men who want to increase the size of their manhood. The device stimulates the body’s normal reaction to the application of physical force.

official website

Size Genetics is composed of different parts including a Silicon Noose, Comfort Strap, Protech Matt Strap – Slip, Protection Pad and latex Head Grip (Cloth covered). Let us discuss these parts in detail.


Silicon Noose:

This is still the original method of penis extenders that use silicon rope to hold the penis. The rope has a silicone attached to the head of the penis and provides an upward force toward the head of the penis.

The rope firmly attaches under the head of the penis to achieve a constant adherence to his manhood, which allows you to increase its size to 1 inch over time.

Protection Pad:

Protection Pad adds padding when you wear the Size Genetics. This allows you to use the extender more comfortably.

Comfort straps:

Comfort strap is designed to provide an alternative method for attaching the penis firmly and comfortably. Unlike silicon rope, comfort strap wrapping works in a much better way and provides traction.

Protech Matt Strap:

Slippage can occur, depending on the shape and size of the penis. This can make the process very uncomfortable. If you are using the extender and experience a slip, slip strap can help prevent problems and maximize the benefits of penis extender.

Latex Head Grip:

The head holder is designed to provide comfort and traction, in case you find it uncomfortable to use silicone tie comfort strap. Head fasteners are made of latex and are ideal for men who want to protect their skin, but do not want to use the extra padding.

Warming up is very important before using the extender. The heating helps in allowing blood circulation in the penis. By applying a hot, wet towel on the penis, it makes the penis skin soft and ensures a firm grip. Get a clean towel and soak it in warm water.

Wring the towel until moistened and then apply it on your penis. Let the humid heat in the blood flow through the penis before using the extender. This allows the penis to get enough blood to react in pull applied by the extender.

You can use the Size Genetics 2-8 hours a day, but it depends on your preference. Experts recommend not to use the extensors more than 8 hours in a day. You have to give the penis time to recover, to rebuild tissues that have been expanded.

 Is It Safe?

It is quite normal to be concerned in vehicle safety apparatus or a treatment, such as it is before you buy. Especially when the device in question will “take care” so close together our privacy…

Clearly SizeGenetics is a safe product. It has been presented and evaluated in numerous medical journals, has made appearances in GQ magazine and the Daily Express and many TV channels. But mostly, it was approved by numerous medical experts sizegenetics safe


Many experts have supported and endorsed the system. Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen, a plastic surgery expert recognizes the device as the only penis traction tool that can recommend due to its safe and effective design and its hardware components. Another specialist in surgery Dr. Jørn Ege Siana shows that many of his patients testified after penis enlargement, that use of the system adds up to about 2.8 centimeters in length in just months.

It has undergone extensive scientific testing and clinical studies by US and Danish researchers and physicians. In addition, it is recognized in the USA as a medical device and has been approved for use according to the strict FDA rules. Each unit is manufactured to the highest standards in high-quality materials, using components of medical quality.

It was pointed out that, in fact, say that most critics of SizeGenetics are true: a targeted increase the size of the penis can be achieved in just six months… believe me! So it’s a quality product, perfectly safe.


pros1 Built with quality materials, Medical type – following the FDA rules

pros1 Clinically tested and available for men of all ages

pros1 It includes a comfortable silicone strap for better comfort

pros1 To date, SizeGenetics has helped thousands of customers to straighten their curved penises

pros1 Adjustable tension for best results and comfort

pros1 Quickly add more centimeters – both length and girth

pros1 It is more muscular and attractive penis, your partner will love

pros1 It helps you achieve fuller erections, thicker and tougher

pros1 It helps you achieve longer lasting erections

pros1 The use of a penis traction device is cheaper than surgery

cons1It can cause mild irritation if an adequate voltage is not applied. Just set the correct voltage and be all right.

cons1The cost is slightly more expensive than any other extender because manufactured with quality materials and is secured with the highest standards

cons1Few longer hours of use of the device during the day will give faster results


A few testimonials…

“I had tried several different ways to enlarge my penis size in the past, but none of them worked. I’m still amazed at how well SizeGenetics works and how comfortable it is. “Lenny, USA

“I have to say I was a little worried that this SizeGenetics device may hurt, but it was not. It was comfortable all the time and it worked. “Neil, UK.


It is quite normal at the beginning of the use of any device, to feel some pain in the penis shaft. A penis is not used to being extended all the time unless of course one is suffering from Peyronie! With use, the pain will quickly disappear and penile health improves as well.

After this short stage, the only drawback with SizeGenetics is rather a financial nature! It is a device that costs a bit more compared to other products and this is explained by:

— On the one hand, the quality of the materials used for the manufacture of the apparatus;

— On the other hand, costs related to the development of MDA technology and testing leading to certification as SizeGenetics Medical Device CE-certified Class 1 for penis enlargement.

However, do not panic… SizeGenetics still remains within your reach. You can always get a refund if, for one reason or another, you do not find satisfaction with SizeGenetics. SizeGenetics warranty is extended to 180 days.

Frankly, we have not yet found better guarantee offer for all the products we tested.




The Ultimate System: As its name suggests, this is a complete option.


— The “Comfort” system with 16 positions: to adapt better to your body and, therefore, remain comfortable

— A travel case: to carry the kit everywhere in discreetly

— A moisturizing after-care Revita: to improve your comfort

— The powder TractionPLUS: allows the device to grip more firmly and more comfortably to your penis

— Access to PenisHealth: enlargement exercises online and on DVD

— Lovecentria: DVD to improve your sex

— Secrets of Seduction / Best Fitness: Electronic books (eBooks) seduction and fitness

— A cleaning kit

— A spare parts kit

comfort package

The Comfort Package

: a bit cheaper, but less comprehensive given the small price difference.

— Apparatus and Suitcase Leather

— System 16 Positions

— Instructions on DVD




The Base Edition: Proposed especially for positioning relative to the competition, this option does not offer much of the features.

— Base unitbasic device

— Instructions on DVD




Finally… Now is the time to determine whether to get a bigger penis or to stick to the present?

With over 50,000 satisfied customers worldwide, we say that the SizeGenetics system is definitely working. Indeed, many people cannot be wrong, at least not without that being read on forums or blogs… (which we also visited a lot during this study). Most experts have proven the success of Size Genetics and it has become the product of top choice. Designed for faster results, it offers three different packages for maximum penis enlargement and curiously, experts have found each of them greatly helpful. In any case, SizeGenetics is the leader in the field of penis enlargement devices industry.

We can finally expand the size of his penis, from home, at a cost and far less inconvenience than surgery!


With a full 6 Month Money Back Guarantee – “Satisfied or Reimbursed”… this is the one of the leading products in the niche. So you can order with confidence.