Quick Extender Pro Review: Is It An Ultimate Penis Stretcher/Extender? + a Special 20% Off Coupon Code For Our Readers!

Today we take a look at one of the more celebrated lines of penis extenders, the Quick Extender Pro. You want a well-rounded product that balances comfort, wearability, quality construction, cost, and customer service.

While many brands excel in certain areas, it’s the Quick Extender Pro that manages to hit the spot in each one.

The Quick Extender Pro series of penis extenders have been topping the industry’s Best Of lists for years. The latest models are the result of some tweaking and refining and we’ve got the low-down on what’s new, what’s always been great, and where the market’s best penile tension extender is headed.

What Is The Quick Extender Pro Penis Stretcher?

A penis extender fulfills a rather self-evident and universally appealing goal: enlarge the penis. The first extenders were actually used in medical scenarios, to help rehabilitate function and size after injuries.

It wasn’t long before this effect was exported to consumers to enjoy the clear benefits of gaining both length and girth in their sex organs.

Penis extenders generally work on the premise of exerting controlled mechanical tension to gradually pull the flaccid penis to its maximum length, in a specific routine to follow. The key here is: gradual.

This isn’t some sort of death grip squeeze that drains the color from your knob and magically endows you with an extra inch. In reality all gains come from persistence and consistency; such as it is with penis extenders.

But certain brands have found ways to at least slightly accelerate that gradual process – and importantly: address the comfort issue, so all those hours put into your pants don’t leave you chafed, bruised, sore, or worse.



Quick Extender Pro Review: The Main Features

We can’t say enough about the craftsmanship put into the Quick Extender Pro. Starting with the medical grade materials, you’re going to be pulling out a product that is sturdy yet lightweight.

Secondly, as straightforward as the concept of penis extending is, some products have complicated instructions made worse by poor documentation.

QEP is easy to take out of the box and start using, with simple instructions to get you ever-so-gently tugging your member to its “final form” without delay. Ordering, delivery, warranty, and service are another collective area the Quick Extender Pro folks have nailed as they consistently and discretely deliver on customer needs.

Fourth, the value competes easily with any brand available. Not only does QEP have models considerate of every budget in their line of extenders, but each package comes with plenty of accessories to get you started and keep you growing for months.

Lastly, and by far the most important in this category of product, comfort. Penis extenders can wow you or disappoint in the other categories, but what it all comes down to is results.

Penis extenders are a proven method of medical rehabilitation in addition to recreational enlargement. But a major factor in how much you can gain, and how fast you can achieve those gains is the comfort of wearing the actual device.

The more hours per day you wear a penis extender, the faster and greater the gains you will see, it’s as simple as that. Wearing a device that feels like barb wire for 3-6hours is going to be a hell of a lot less pleasant than wearing one that feels like a snug mink glove 3-6hours.

Quick Extender Pro is about as close to mink as you’re going to find on the market.

Quick Extender Pro Review: Package Contents

QEP has 4 powerful models to choose from, based on your budget and the investment you want to make in sustained growth goals.

All models include the basic requirements to start growing right away.

This would be the light blue device itself, high quality stainless steel extension bars (varying by model), comfort pads and silicon straps (varying by model, these keep the head of your dick snugly secured during usage time), instructional DVD and infographic cards, handy measuring tape, a cloth carry bag, a white case (or a beautiful mahogany wooden box for the Deluxe Limited Edition) to keep the kit organized, and complementary supply of promotional male enhancement supplements.

Quick Extender Pro Value Edition – A basic system that extends to a maximum 6 inches so if you are looking to go beyond that size you will need to move to a higher tier system.

Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard Edition – A solid device extends to 12 inches and has a full warranty and money back guarantee.

Quick Extender Pro Curvature & Peyronies Editon – Specifically designed to correct penile curvature and peyronies disease.

Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition – This package is designed to give you maximum size along with correcting penile curvature and provides an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

If you spring for the Deluxe Limited edition, you’ll get considerably more – enhanced comfort pads, more regular pads and straps, extra springs and bars, a suite of sex and sex-health dvds, and a quality penis pump, to boost those gains that extra step for bedroom time.

Our Experience With Quick Extender Pro

We’ve used the QEP before and revisiting it now after a few years we are pleased to find a product that has kept improving over time. Many penis extenders will get the job done, but do it slowly – either from inferior design and/or a limit on how much you can wear it due to pain and discomfort.

Already a known brand for their quality and comfort standards, the latest models from QEP are even more streamlined and easy on the flesh than ever.

Small improvements in the ergonomic design of the base of the device (where it meets your pelvis) and increased spring tension (as high as 4000g in the Deluxe Limited edition) are just a couple factors that make wearing this product as close to going commando in satin track pants as you’re going to get for available penis extenders.

Delivery, as ever, is discrete and straightforward. An unmarked, unlabeled brown box arrives at the address you provide, shipped from the United States, in as quickly as 1-2 days and billing is to a non-descript company name.

As mentioned before, the instructions are straightforward – but, even if you are new to penis extenders and encounter a complication, QEP’s service lines have you covered.

It would be a challenge to find some way to use QEP in a way that you didn’t get the guaranteed gains; however, that’s another solid pillar of QEP – the gains are guaranteed, so if you give it a try and don’t like having a bigger dick, they give you your money back. It’s honestly hard to fuck this up.

One of our reviewers experienced early constriction in blood flow but customer service sorted him out with instructions that he was wearing the tubes too tight. The comfort of the device really makes wearing it possible for long stretches of time that other extenders simply cannot provide.

Our Cheers and Jeers


  • A Package For Everyone – With 4 complete editions to choose from there is a package for everyone and for every budget.
  • Preassembled – This only brand on the market that assembles the device for you.




  • Patience is a virtue – You will need to devote some time towards it but once you reach your goals, results will be permanent.




Final Verdict

Our verdict is based on actual real world hands on usage and service from the company. Taking into account the door to door service, the quality of the system, the included accessories and the results of the device, the Quick Extender Pro delivers on all fronts.

Without a doubt this is one of the finest extenders on the market today and we have zero hesitation in recommending it as the number one brand on the market. Buying a Quick Extender Pro guarantees you a larger penis in a short time frame in supreme comfort.