Vigrx Delay Spray – Top Choice On The Market?

Unless you’re having a quickie, nobody wants to have sex with a two-pump chump. However, good pussy can make it almost impossible to keep going, at least that’s what most men tell themselves. Aside from engaging in a little pregame masturbation, there aren’t many things a guy can do to remedy his premature ejaculation problems. Of course, there are always drugs, but drugs are bad, mmk?

Thanks to modern science, which has turned some of its attention away from finding a cure for cancer so that they can help short-wicked dudes like you provide better orgasms, there’s now a better way to extend sex past the point of two pumps and a mash-down. It’s all about priorities, and the ladies say that guys who can last long enough to get them off are important.

In fact, recent studies have determined that women between the age of 20 and 50 have a lot to say on the subject. Nearly half of the ladies surveyed said they wanted more kisses and caresses during sex, while almost 42% of them reported that they were generally dissatisfied with their intimate lives. Out of those questioned, 40% of them said that ejaculatory control was of upmost importance. Do you see a pattern here, fellas?

If that’s not enough to convince you that premature nutting is a problem, consider this: nearly 80% of women said that their main issue with sex occurred because their man finished too soon. When the average man lasts only 5 ½ minutes, it’s no wonder scientists have taken an interest in developing products like VigRX Delay Spray. It’s basically a public service.

What Is The VigRX Male Desensitizer?

Put simply, VigRX is a numbing agent that makes it much easier to last longer than the average bear. It gives you the ability to watch as your partner orgasms (once, twice, or three times a lady). Instead of having to apologize for leaving your lover wanting more, you’ll end up apologizing for making them raw. And while that may seem like a no-win situation, it’s clear that most women would prefer the latter. 

As the name suggests, VigRX is made to increase your sexual vigor by decreasing penile sensations to a level that’s best for the whole team. Designed in an easily controlled spray form, this product is both effective and convenient. Since practice doesn’t always make perfect, high-quality, safe delay sprays should be kept in everyone’s bedside table. This male desensitizer calms your genitalia down, allowing you to keep the “I’m going to fuck you all night long” promise you made before hopping into the sack.

VigRX is manufactured by a reputable company called Leading Edge Health, a cGMP-compliant facility that operates under the strictest production safety regulations. In fact, this brand is considered royalty in an industry that has several dozen delay spray options on the shelves. While it’s nowhere near the perfect product, VigRX successfully prolongs intimacy without a bunch of nasty side effects.

Several things. First, other products typically use an anesthetic called lidocaine. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we’ve found benzocaine to be more promising for guys who want to last longer in bed.



How Does VigRx Spray Work?

The science behind the effectiveness of VigRX is rather simple, especially once it’s broken down into laymen’s terms. While most other delay sprays on today’s market using lidocaine, this stuff’s active ingredient is a more potent yet safer benzocaine. Benzocaine swiftly inhibits the voltage-dependent sodium channels found on your penis tissue nerve membranes, stopping propagation of action potential. In plain English, it makes your dick calm the hell down until it’s the right time to explode.

The active ingredient has been used in similar ejaculation prolonging products since the early part of the 21st century, but the makers of VigRX have perfected its performance by creating a mild anesthetic formula that’s like the Goldilocks of good sex. The benzocaine used in this product is tweaked so that it absorbs quickly into the subcutaneous layers of your dick tissue, allowing you to slow down a bit so your partner can get hers for once.

The scientifically formulated blend is made to siphon out maximum performance from the male anatomy. It’s meant to be applied directly to the skin and is said to have you ready to go in 10 minutes or less. Think of it as a chill pill for your penis – a liquid lovers’ aid that seeps deep into your stratum corneum (that’s science talk for dick shaft) to effectively control the latency of your ejaculate. Sound like some high-tech shit, huh?

Keep in mind, however, that the effectiveness of VigRX depends on how much of it you use and whether you use it correctly or not. The length of time you’ll last depends on several other factors as well, including your existing penile sensitivity, your overall physical condition, any medications you may be on, and so forth. However, studies have shown that most dudes are able to increase their sexual stamina by as much as 10-30 minutes using this stuff.

What Does Vigrx Male Desensitizer Feel Like?

Considering that VigRX is what’s known as “dose dependent,” meaning it feels different for each man based on how much of it he uses, describing how it feels is somewhat difficult. Furthermore, there’s a big difference in sensation depletion between one spray and two. Obviously, this product is very powerful and should only be used by men who are ready for a workout.

To be quite clear, the manufacturer warns users not to spray more than three times during any sexual encounter without consulting with a doctor first. This liquid gold goes directly onto your penis and glans before being rubbed in until fully absorbed. So, don’t be surprised if the numbing action transfers to your hands. And that brings up another good point: VigRX is not recommended for oral sex.

Because the results of the spray typically last for about 25-35 minutes, it’s important to follow all the instructions on the label. A half-hour wait for things to normalize can ruin your boner AND your reputation. It’s suggested that you wipe vigorously with a damp towel between vaginal or anal sex and oral playtime. However, that might be 100% effective, so keep that in mind.

While the product isn’t supposed to affect your partner’s sexual sensitivity, it’s certainly possible. The maker suggests wearing a condom, which could further increase your stamina, but they say it’s not completely necessary. It’s probably best to err on the side of caution with this one and give your Johnson a quick wipe down with that damp towel before parking it in her garage, if you know what I mean.

Special Precautions and Safe Usage Tips

VigRX is a product not a toy, which means there are some special considerations for anyone planning to use it on their junk. First of all, it’s obviously not meant for children so keep it put up. Secondly, it’s not ideal for people who have an allergy to benzocaine or other anesthetics. Furthermore, don’t ever use it on broken skin or you’ll be sorry. If it happens, which is possible without you realizing the skin is damaged, quickly wash the area with warm soap and water for at least 5 minutes. Oh, and contact your doctor if you experience any rashes, erection loss, or prolonged numbness.

The Cheers and Jeers

You shouldn’t expect anything on today’s market to be 100% perfect. Still, VigRX is pretty close. Considering it’s made from a well-respected manufacturer who has been around for quite some time, understanding its popularity is rather easy. Let’s break down the hype and discover what all the fuss is about:


  • T Minus 10 Minutes – From application to action, it only takes about 10 minutes (or less) for this stuff to take effect.
  • Double Your Pleasure – Since most men get off in 5 minutes or less, it’s feasible to say that VigRX will double (or even triple) your performance prowess no problem.
  • Customizable Cock Calming – This stuff is completely dose-dependent, meaning the more you put on your dick, the less stimulation you’ll feel. That can be a good or bad thing.
  • The Doctor Is Out – You don’t need a prescription to get your hands on a bottle of VigRX, which is both convenient, inexpensive, and less embarrassing.
  • Show Me the Money, Honey – Although this product is relatively affordable for frequent use, those who are not completely satisfied can take advantage of an unheard of 67-day money-back guarantee policy on any portion of the solution they don’t use (minus shipping and handling, of course).
  • Me Lub You Long (Enough) Time – The patented formula is made to last long enough for your partner to get off (between 25-35 minutes) but short enough for you to bust a nut before you dick skin gets ripped to shreds.
  • Consistency Is Key – Surprisingly, VigRX works at the same capacity each time you use it, meaning the results are reproducible and reliable (which is more than we can say about you).


  • Waiting Game – While a 10-minute wait may not seem like much, it can be a headache for men who don’t have enough in their foreplay bag to suffice.
  • Overdose – If you put too much of this product on your penis, you could go numb for way too long. However, too little VigRX could make it generally ineffective at prolonging intimacy. In other words, you may have to experiment a few times to figure out what amount is right for you.
  • Oral Is Out – Because the benzocaine-rich formula used in this product is so powerful and long-lasting, oral sex is out of the question without plenty of skin scrubbing in between (and even then, it’s probably not a good idea).
  • Rub a Dub-Dub – You may have to scrub your cock and balls quite vigorously to get all the benzocaine off your skin. Furthermore, rubbing in the solution with your bare hands may cause some numbness therein and gloves are only sexy in the bedroom sometimes.



The Final Verdict

Being able to perform in bed at a more skilled level is something nearly every man wants, even the guy who can go for hours. VigRX takes all the concentrating out of endurance and allows users to simply sit back and enjoy the show until they’re ready to blow. Now that’s the kind of control we all need.

It’s not likely that women are going to start enjoying short, unsatisfying sex any time soon, so using a delay spray is likely your best bet. Even if this particular product isn’t what you’re looking for, don’t completely disregard the option just yet. Men from all over the world use various products to increase their sexual stamina, and that includes potent and potentially deadly drugs. Why not start with the basics before becoming a no-limit soldier?

Although VigRX isn’t perfect, creating a numbing agent for the male anatomy makes perfection an impossibility. For the most part, those who used this product had very little to complain about, and the same can be said about their more satisfied partners. Perhaps the best part is that something this effective can be bought over-the-counter instead of through a urologist prescription. After all, that’s one seriously embarrassing doctor’s appointment that most men won’t show up for anyway.

If I were you, and I’m not, I wouldn’t wait for my sex life to suffer or for my partner to start bitching before I did something about my performance in bed. While taking dangerous drugs or masturbating furiously before playtime is always an option (kind of), neither one of those will end the way you’d like them to. Modern science has worked hard to provide men with a plausible solution to their premature ejaculation problem, even if that solution is temporary and somewhat messy. Think about it: what’s more of a mess? You having some numbing cream on your hands or having a bunch of ejaculate all over your lover before they’re ready for it? That’s a rhetorical question, and we all know the answer.

You can find more information or buy VigRx Delay Spray at their official website.