The Liberator Sex Wedge/Ramp Combo – Enhanced Sex Positions For Your Pleasure + A Special 15% Discount Code For Our Readers!

Getting yourself or your partner into the correct position to achieve a righteous orgasm isn’t always as easy as they make it look in porn. In fact, even some of the best porno performers use sex pillows, wedges, or ramps to make the scene happen. So, if you can find a high-quality at-home version that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, there should be no shame in your game.

High-end sex pillows, wedges, and ramps can make a big difference in how well you please your partner. These products can also prevent cramps and other pains, like explaining to your lover why you couldn’t hit the sweet spot. However, although sex pillows are generally similar, they are not all created equally. For many people, using a wedge/ramp combo is the best option.

Enter: The Liberator Sex Position Wedge/Ramp Combo – an amalgamation of the best features your money can buy (or at least that’s what the manufacturer says). Of course, most product makers claim theirs is the top dog. So, before I get to singing the Liberator’s praises I want to break it down and find out if this thing is really all that it’s cracked up to be.

What Is the Liberator Sex Position Wedge/Ramp Combo?

The manufacturer claims that the Liberator is currently hailed as “the greatest invention for sex since the bed,” although I always thought beds were for sleeping and sex was always better in kinky locations. So, does that mean this product is a snore? Not exactly. The wedge/ramp combo by the Liberator brand is made to flip and fold to the exact position needed for you or your lover, although it does have some limitations.

Strategically shaped to fit both a male and female body, this thing is supposed to be sturdy enough to support the weight of a full-grown adult. Furthermore, it’s made with a material that’s designed to be soft, comfy, and hypoallergenic. Setting the bar rather high, the Liberator certainly accomplishes all you’d expect from a sex wedge/ramp combo (and maybe more, depending on how perverted you are).


The Main Features

As mentioned, the Liberator is designed to flip and fold into the perfect position, but its limitation is that it can only be manipulated into two main positions without damaging the integrity of the pillow. The wedge/ramp combo sits at a comfortable 27-degree angle though, which is damn near perfect for any body type during deep penetration and p-spot or g-spot stimulation. Mind you, it slouches down slightly when you or your partner’s full body weight it applied.

Still, the dimensions are rather impressive for such a compact product that’s rather easy to store. The ramp measures 34 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 12 inches in depth. As for the wedge, it’s an ample 24 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 7 inches in depth. Further, each cushion can be used by itself or with the other cushion, giving users a much wider variety of possibilities than the two positions advertised initially. When separated, the Liberator is super easy to hide and kind of blends in with the rest of your furniture because it’s a simple black color and not that porn-purple velvet crap you see so often.

As for the cushions’ comfort levels, each one of made from high density foam that’s supposed to be strong enough to support two bodies at once regardless of the position being held. Inside the wedge/ramp combo is this nifty stuff patented by the manufacturer called a “Responsive Core.” This neat shit is meant to keep the product from becoming dilapidated after extended use, which is pretty good news for a product that costs as much as it does.

The outer covering is this non-slip microfiber material that’s both removable and machine washable (just incase things get messy). There’s also a moisture-resistant liner between the microfiber and foam that’s designed to protect the materials from you and your partner’s body fluids. So, while you may think that stuffing one of your bed pillows behind your back will do the trick, think about how uncomfortable that is (and how disgusting it can be if you forget to wash the pillowcase).

What Can You Do with It?

Using a good sex pillow can revolutionize your sexual prowess, even if you’re already a pro (or just a self-proclaimed one). Interestingly, chiropractors actually recommend using high-density sex position wedges or ramps, especially for people with weight problems or mobility issues. But that doesn’t mean these things are some sort of crutch. Put simply, they help anyone step their bedroom game up by showing that they’re prepared for some serious sexy business.

Aside from the typical perversion, a Liberator Sex Position Wedge/Ramp Combo can help you do the following things:

  • Lift you or your partner off the bed (or floor or table or whatever you’re fucking on)
  • Boost your bodies into a prime position for the best possible sex
  • Promote optimal sexual contact between both your bodies
  • Improve the pleasure you and your partner derive from lovemaking
  • Help you and your lover maintain the proper position for a lot longer than you could maintain it without support
  • Decrease body cramps, pulled muscles, and eventual embarrassment
  • Increase your sexual staying power and stamina
  • Enhance you and your partner’s orgasms
  • Assist with deep, hard, and/or fast fucking – things that are almost impossible without a good pillow
  • Make clean-up much easier and more sanitary

As the name suggests, the Liberator frees up your imagination, so you can have the kind of sex you’ve always wanted to without killing yourself (or your partner) in the process.

The Cheers and Jeers

Don’t be one of the fools who thinks that perfection exists because it doesn’t. Even high-end products have flaws and even the best manufacturers have a hard time pleasing everybody. Regardless, the Liberator Sex Position Wedge/Ramp Combo has more pros than cons in my opinion. Check it out:


  • File a Separation – The two cushions that make up this sex pillow can be used together or separately, creating the ideal marriage of makeshift perversion.
  • Joined at the Hip – Both pillows, albeit separate, are held together using strong Velcro that doesn’t slip or rip no matter how hard or fast you go.
  • Comfy and Cozy – The soft microfiber material on the outside of the pillow is super comfortable, even on the most sensitive skin.
  • Support Group – The highly dense and patented “Responsive Core” foam on the inside of the wedge/ramp combo gives plenty of support and even has a bit of that bounce-back you need to cram and slam to your heart’s content.
  • The Proper Angle for Your Dangle – With an ergonomic 27-degree angle (when the pillows are used together), it’s quite easy to achieve a position conducive with an excellent orgasm regardless of what hole you’re attacking.
  • Uncover Your Lover – When all is said and done, that soft microfiber cover on the outside of the pillow can be easily removed for a quick wash.
  • Clean Up Your Act – Speaking of washing, the microfiber cover can go in any conventional washing machine and get cleaned up nicely using the gentle cycle.
    • PRO TIP: Tumble dry on low heat for best results and to keep the cover from shrinking.
  • Wear Your Raincoat – The manufacturer has thought of just about everything, providing users with a convenient moisture liner between the foam and microfiber cover that keeps sweat and bodily fluids from ruining your good time.
  • Play the Field – This wedge/ramp combo is very versatile, meaning you can flip or fold it into several positions as needed (especially if you pull the two cushions apart).
  • Just Look at It – Because this product is covered by a soft and luxurious material that’s a subtle black color, it not only draws very little attention to itself but it’s also quite nice to look at.
  • Doctor’s Orders – Highly supportive sex pillows, wedges, and/or ramps are typically recommended by chiropractors and the Liberator is no exception.
  • Two of a Kind – The super dense foam is strong enough to adequately support two fully grown adult bodies in motion without losing its strength or integrity (which is more than you can say about that dilapidated bed pillow or rolled up bath towel you’ve been using).
  • Safety First – Not one single component of this product contains latex, so you don’t have to worry about getting a rash or having an allergic reaction from using it.



  • Keep It Together – You’ll find a steep reduction in the angle of the wedge/ramp combo when you separate the cushions, so you may want to keep it fastened together if a complete 27-degree angle is required.
  • Limited Edition – When you keep the cushions together, however, you are somewhat more limited to the sex positions you can achieve because the adhered combo can only flip and fold into two different shapes.
  • Take It Easy – Be aware that, if you wash the microfiber cover too many times, it will begin to break down and/or fade.
  • Less Isn’t Always More – Wash your cover incorrectly (see TIP above) and it could shrink, which will prevent it from going back over the foam properly.
  • Attractive in the Wrong Way – More about the material: it attracts dust and debris rather easily, so get a lint brush if you know what’s good for you.
  • Guide or Die – With no position guide for yourself or the wedge/ramp combo, it’s difficult at first to know how to use this product at its top potential.
  • Store Bore – Because the Liberator is somewhat large and doesn’t come with a case, it’s kind of difficult to store or hide from peering eyes. In other words, you’ll have to get creative if you want people to stay out of your business.
  • Cover Your Bases – Keep in mind that the inner foam needs to be adequately protected when you remove the microfiber cover.
  • Sweat It Out – Also, the soft outer covering of the Liberator may feel nice when things get started, but it may make you itch if you or your partner begin to sweat too much.
  • The Price Is Right, Right? – The Liberator is sort of pricey when compared to some of its competitors. Then again, its also of better quality and can be seen as a wise investment in your love life.

The Final Verdict

There are so many sex pillows, wedges, and ramps out there these days that it’s rather difficult to find the right one without buying several and then doing a little trial and error. However, the Liberator Sex Position Wedge/Ramp Combo is definitely a good place to start. That’s especially true if you’ve never used a sex pillow before or if you have used one but found yourself needing something a bit more in tune with the human body (and the Kama Sutra).

Although there’s so position guide and the pillow itself comes with no storage sack, it is a pretty unassuming design that blends well with your normal bedding. Furthermore, it’s not so big that it can’t fit easily under your bed or in the closet. After all, if you’re using a sex pillow to do your dirty deeds, then chances are you probably have plenty of space in your bedroom to store all those sex toys in your stash. If not, you’ll have to get creative. But, that’s what sex is all about anyway.

And while the price of the Liberator is somewhat shocking initially, the product is surprisingly durable and long-lasting, which makes it a feasible purchase for anyone who wants to improve their sexual pleasure without using toys, pills, and magic potions. Although there’s no sex product on the modern market that can boast perfection, this wedge/ramp combo offers a lot of advantages that men and women won’t get without it. Think of it this way: you can either buy one Liberator and not spend money anything else for quite a while, or you can buy something of lesser quality and then replace it several times within the next few years. You can find more information or buy Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp at the official website.