The Naughty Tenga Egg Review: Which One Is The Best? + a Special 15% Off Coupon Code For Our Readers!(See The Bottom Of The Page)

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We recently got our paws on these little things called Tenga Eggs and, at first, we weren’t sure what we were dealing with. For one, we didn’t know what to expect once the thing was unwrapped, so we held our breath and prepared for the coming surprise. It turns out the Tenga Egg is this cool pocket-sized masturbating accessory, so obviously, our interest was immediately piqued. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that the Tenga Egg was not a kid-friendly gift from the Easter Bunny – at least, not from the Easter Bunny we remember. Furthermore, it didn’t take too long before our team was lost in a mountain of deconstructed eggs and lubricants, as well as these floppy cup-looking things that looked like a contact lens and a used condom fucked and had a flaccid baby. If we didn’t already know what they were supposed to be used for, we might have mistaken them for larva and called the exterminator. Despite their unusual appearance, we discovered that each of the Tenga Eggs would give us a different sensation. Running our fingers along the surface we felt the unique patterning of soft ribbons and bumps along the inside of each. Unfortunately, we didn’t prepare ourselves because the little buggers didn’t look like much. Boy, were we wrong. If you like a pleasant penis surprise, you’ll probably dig the eggs. Chances are, you’ll find something you like in the dirty dozen. In fact, the Tenga brand, which sells everything from vibrators to lotions, offers 17 different egg models to choose from. SHORT TENGA EGG VIDEO REVIEW ORDER TENGA EGGS FOR THE BEST PRICE ON THE INTERNET What Is the Tenga Egg? The Tenga egg is this thin piece of malleable plastic that is designed to enhance masturbation. It feels a bit like a mixture between skin, rubber, plastic, and playdough. It is dome-shaped just like an egg, hence the clever nomenclature. It is made by a popular UK-based company that is known for its unique variety of convenient sex toys. The egg, which comes in a variety of sexy styles, can be purchased singly or in a pack. We tried out the pack just so we could experience some random excitement. After a while of testing sex toys, not much catches your attention anymore. It did, however, occur to us that the Tenga Egg is one of the only sex toys on the market that is suitable for all penis sizes. How Is The Tenga Sex Egg Used? The Tenga Egg is rather rudimentary, which makes it surprising that nobody else has invented one yet. The first step involves you unwrapping it from its plastic packaging and popping open the egg like one of those fake Easter eggs you find in the yard. There will not be candy or money inside, just the egg and a packet of Tenga-brand lubricant tucked in the center. We weren’t happy about it either, until we started using it.  Designed to be used either alone …

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