Prostate Orgasm Is Awaiting You. Try Our Prostate Milking Techniques!

Prostate milking: it sounds like a bunch of kinky, feel-good shit, and it is. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about it and that’s a damn shame. Did you know that the prostate is one of most pleasurable erogenous zones on a man’s body? Probably not, or else you’d be 10 steps ahead of me by now.

A good prostate massage, or prostate milking session, can change your life if you do it right. They don’t tell you that shit in Sex Ed, and I can’t help but wonder why that is. If every man on the planet knew about the heavenly realm stashed deep within their assholes, the world would be a much better place. In fact, milking a prostate has numerous health benefits for a man. Moreover, it can be a source of power for a woman as well. Couples who engage in prostate milking sessions tend to have a lot more intimacy between them, and that’s just the beginning.

Educating yourself on the dos and don’ts of prostate play is the key to success with this. Blinding going about your business will get you nowhere, and it will probably end with you and your partner avoiding eye contact while sitting in awkward silence. If you’re going to do some kinky shit with one another, it pays to do it right the first time. Improper prostate milking can result in a painful experience, and that could leave an impression that prevents you from feeling what can only be described as the best shit on Earth. Don’t let that happen to you. Listen to what I’m saying here.

What the Hell Is Prostate Milking?

Scientifically speaking, prostate milking is a technique used to reach the male p-spot. You know how a woman has a g-spot? Well, men have their own version of that and it’s found inside their asshole. Now you know why gay men enjoy anal sex so much. But, this isn’t anal sex at all, at least not in the way you perceive it. It’s simply a method by which your partner stimulates the prostate with their finger or with a sex toy.

Prostate massage is becoming increasingly popular these days, with numerous sex toy manufacturers coming up with ergonomically designed devices of varying size that are strategically aimed at stimulating the male p-spot. Move over, ladies, it’s time for us men to get ours too. This kinky form of internal massage can make your orgasm a primal experience, but you and your partner both need to know what you’re doing before you attempt it.

Fortunately, prostate milking is something that you can enjoy whether you have a willing partner or not. Thanks to the invention of some of the world’s most innovative sex toys, tweaking your tush is now more common than ever, even for guys who play with themselves more than they play with someone else. Additionally, p-spot play is perfect for men young and old, and the sensations therein are mind-blowing to say the least.

What’s the Appeal?

Put simply, prostate play is appealing mainly because it provides a new type of orgasm – one that radiates from the inside out. The idea is to rub and massage the prostate (and the area around it) using mild to moderate pressure until you jizz all over the place. It’s not at all a painful experience unless you use a device that’s too large or difficult to maneuver. Just beware: once you try this shit, it may be difficult to go back to having sex the way you’ve always done it. Prostate milking WILL change your life.

A good prostate play session has a couple of arousing benefits to be honest. This maniacal method of man-milking has a primal element to it, blowing traditional masturbation out of the water almost immediately upon initial contact. I’m not over-selling this shit, am I guys? I’m just trying to keep it real.

I, too, was skeptical about butt play at first, as is to be expected out of men who haven’t crossed that threshold yet. But, if you’re willing to experiment a little bit, it’s highly likely that you’ll come running back for more. I suggest trying it the first time on your own, and then introduce the idea to a partner you trust. The best advice I can give you is to start out slow to find your ideal technique. Going for the gold as soon as you’re let out the gate is not a good idea with this, although I’m a firm believer in “to each his own.”

Either way, prostate milking is a method designed to stimulate one of the most sensitive areas in the body – the anal canal. That part of a man’s body has countless nerve endings that are seldom explored in the right way, so the most creative perverts among us have teamed up to develop a sexy solution. And while this form of kink is often frowned upon by those who can’t think outside the box, I, for one, enjoy the hell out of it. Even light stimulation to the prostate can make me blow my load, and I’m not even kidding when I say it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

Now, as I said, prostate milking can be done with a partner or as a solo act depending on your preference. The most appealing part of this technique is the fact that your p-spot remains intact even if you don’t have an erection. Unlike manual masturbation of the penis, prostate milking can be done regardless of erectile dysfunction, cock size, or general arousal. However, doing this shit with a partner has numerous benefits that can’t be had while milking on your own, such as:

  • Partners can apply more consistent pressure to your prostate because they’re not at all weakened by the internal sensations caused by the milking process.
  • Partners can help you hit those hard to reach places that even the best sex toys can’t find.
  • Partners can resist the temptation to stop when the feelings become too intense, thereby forcing you to keep going until you get off.

Orgasmic liberation is the name of the game here, but it just so happens that you must be willing to play ball. Being afraid to submit to your partner’s perverted will isn’t going to do you any good when it comes to p-spot stimulation. Most likely, it will feel weird at first (but in a good way). Just remember that communication is always key, especially when it comes to matters of kinky sex. Let your partner know what feels good and what doesn’t so you both can have the most arousing experience possible.

Playing a little Sub/Dom game with a safe word intact is my best advice when participating in a rousing prostate milking session; and trust me, you won’t be sorry. Regardless of your willingness to submit to your partner’s perverted will, p-spot play can serve as a much-needed change of pace for most couples. All that’s typically required is an open mind and a top-notch sex toy to get the party started.

Where the Fuck Is the Prostate Anyway?

I’ve briefly mentioned that the prostate is located inside the rectum of a man, but you may need more direction than that to find it for real. Considering that each man’s body is unique, there’s no specific spot wherein the prostate is located besides “up in the ass cavity.” Sorry to break it to you, fellas, but there will have to be some exploration of your anal canal to get the job done right.

While it’s possible to hit the prostate on your first try, getting that lucky is very rare. So, to make matters easier for my adventurously perverted brethren, I have created a quick and easy step-by-step guide to locating the sweet spot. Check this shit out before you get started:

STEP ONE: Clear Out the Canal

Being as you’re going to be doing kinky stuff to your asshole, it’s of monumental importance that the area is free and clear of obstructions – a.k.a. fecal matter. I suggest taking a shit before beginning and, if you’re not too reluctant to the idea, douching your bum prior to using a finger or sex toy down there. This step is very critical because it prevents a dirty mess, not to mention it cuts back on potential sickness, infections, and embarrassment on the part of both you and your partner.

STEP TWO: Hose Yourself Down

Once your asshole is cleared out, I recommend thoroughly showering with a mild, hypoallergenic soap. This step is incredibly important, simply because it helps keep the area fresh and clean, void of odor, and ready to go at a moment’s notice. After all, who in their right mind wants to fuck with a post bowel movement butthole that’s not been properly hosed down? Not I, sir. Your poor partner will probably agree.

STEP THREE: Be Prim and Proper

Finding your prostate requires you to reach deep inside to feel around for the gold, and that always involves using your fingers a bit. With long fingernails or dirty hands, the whole shebang could become painful and dangerous. It’s difficult to locate your p-spot when your ass cavity is all scratched up and bleeding, so play your cards right by clipping those nails and washing your hands before spelunking. Don’t make me say “I told you so.”

STEP FOUR: Get into Position

Although you can eventually find your prostate regardless of the position you’re in, it’s always easiest when you lie down on your back. Furthermore, bend those knees up a bit and pull your feet back a tad. Furthermore, I found that placing a pillow underneath your back is a terrific way to put that coveted p-spot on display with a quickness. However, if you should happen to find a better exploration technique, then go for it. All men’s bodies are shaped differently, so there’s really no one-size-fits-all position to be in if I’m honest.


Simply sticking your finger into your asshole to find your hidden prostate might seem like the most obvious next step, but you’re dead wrong. A dry finger (or sex toy) is a dangerous thing since it can cause chaffing, pulling, and/or severe pain. I highly suggest cutting back on the friction by using a good water-based lubricant. Put plenty of that shit on your finger or toy after you get into the proper position or you will be sorry. Again, don’t make me tell you twice.

*NOTE: If you’re doing this shit with a partner’s help, make sure they’re lubing up as well. Their ability to see into your bum is no substitute for a good glide. Their fingers can hurt your asshole just the same.

STEP SIX: Open Up the Gates of Glory

Once you’re slicked up, slide a finger into your rectum. Be sure to use your dominant hand for better control. Moreover, it’s likely that you’ll have to go a few knuckles deep since the average prostate is located just past the first rectal wall which is usually about 1-2 inches inside your anus. Having a partner’s help makes this step a lot easier, but it’s not entirely necessary. As long as you’re in there and moving around, it’s probable that you’ll discover that pretty little prostate eventually.

STEP SEVEN: Explore the Space

Finally, you want to begin feeling around until you get that “Oh my” sensation. You’ll know it when you get there, trust me. The best technique I’ve found is to slightly curl your finger and press up toward your belly button, as that’s the most common location of the modern male’s p-spot. However, remember that every guy is different so don’t just concentrate on that area. Really explore the space; and when you find what you’re looking for, take note of it so you can easily find it again.

Using these simple steps, locating that precious p-spot should be a piece of cake. It may take you a couple attempts to find it, especially if you try doing things your way. So, be prepared for a little initial disappointment if you’re bad at following directions.

A Few Things to Remember

Since you’re likely not a pro at this prostate milking shit just yet (as is expected), there are a few minor yet important considerations you’ll need to make and understand prior to going all out with a partner or toy. Think of the following points as a crash course – a sort of school for scoundrels, if you will. And don’t ignore any of them, or else you’ll end up looking and feeling like a fucking idiot. No joke.

  • When you finally find your prostate, it might not feel pleasurable at first. Remember, this is all new territory, so your body’s virgin nerve endings may send out a red flag instead of fireworks.
  • Since the prostate is a gland that’s located deep inside your anus and covered by various membranes, it’s impossible to touch it directly. However, the pressure you put on the rectal wall will transmit to your p-spot immediately.
  • It’s often a good idea to warm up the anal area first before plunging a finger or toy inside. Try massaging your anus or perineum to help relax the muscles. This is often referred to as an “external prostate massage.”
  • Make sure you start off slowly, no matter how eager you are to experience the mind-blowing sensations offered by this kind of kink. Remember, some prostate glands are located deeper or shallower than others, so ramming your finger in there may cause you to miss the boat completely.
  • Breathe. The slight muscular movements caused by deep breathing can help you locate the prostate more easily, not to mention it helps you relax quite a bit and can make any pleasure derived more intense. Yee-haw!

If, after all this, you still can’t find your p-spot, don’t fret. It doesn’t mean you don’t have one. When all else fails, have a partner explore the space for you because your mobility may have become compromised due to the unnatural position required to reach deep enough into your ass.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to contact a medical professional either. After all, most doctors are glad to help locate your prostate because doing so often guarantees good health. Having a proctologist on your team may also help to determine whether your prostate is enlarged or not, thereby giving you insights into other sexual concerns you may have such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In fact, many modern-day doctors agree that healthy doses of prostate massage can reduce potentially dangerous p-spot swelling.

How Does Prostate Milking Feel (for Real)?

Now that you know prostate milking is actually good for your health, it’s only a matter of time before everyone is doing it. There should be no shame in your game at this point. Don’t be afraid to let go and allow the waves of pleasure to take you over.

Aside from the many medical benefits associate with this perverted practice, engaging in some proper p-spot massaging feels pretty good. It’s one thing for this shit to help you keep a hard-on; it’s another thing for this habit to send chills up your spine. Oh, what a time to be alive.

Fortunately, a well-executed prostate milking session feels less like an awkward medical examination and more like a whole-body orgasm. For real, the orgasms I felt were centered on my prostate, but they slowly radiated throughout my entire person with an intensity not unlike a raging wildfire. To be quite honest, I even felt the shit in my head and chest. Frankly, it provided me with the best long-lasting back-to-back orgasms I’d ever had in my life. Best of all, it happened without a single bit of external stimuli whatsoever.

Meanwhile, I still achieved a rock-hard erection. Mind you, the orgasm experienced through proper milking of the prostate did not always cause me to ejaculate through my penis. It’s a completely internal experience, although there were several times that my cock shot out cum across the room as a result. Still, the sensations derived by p-spot juicing are the same whether your dick gets hard or not. That’s the beauty of this shit for real.

To make the experience even better, I suggest doing it during sex or masturbation is possible. It only enhances orgasm and, quite frankly, turns it into a sex session that compares to nothing else in this world. Start when you’re close to climaxing for best results, but keep in mind that the intensity and duration of the orgasms achieved during this practice may have you feeling physically drained in the end. That’s not always a bad thing though, is it?

Tips for Doing It the Right Way

While playing with your prostate using your finger or a partner’s finger will likely do the trick, nothing compares to using a specialized p-spot sex toy in my opinion. Modern-day manufacturers have put a lot of time, energy, research, and money into developing products that are perfect for this exact occasion. Best of all, most of them are relatively affordable, not to mention ergonomically correct for the average man’s body.

Many prostate massaging sex toys are also made from skin-safe materials that reduce pain and irritation. Furthermore, most of these high-tech p-spot products feature awesome shit like vibration functions, Bluetooth compatibility, and other badass pleasure settings that are far better than any curled-up finger. They often come in varying sizes and shapes as well, meaning you can literally customize your experience based on what you find to be most appealing. Hot dog!

Again, I can’t stress this enough: no matter what device or technique you use to milk your prostate, always slap on plenty of lubricant or your ass will feel like it’s on fire. Water-based lubes are always best because they’re typically super slick while being relatively hypoallergenic for most skin types, but specially formulated anal lubes are always ideal for obvious reasons.

Another tip I have is to start out with something small and work your way up. Don’t go for the extra-large prostate toys until you’re absolutely ready. And if you never become ready for big shit, that’s okay too. Prostate milking is all about putting direct pressure on your p-spot, but large sex toys do more than just that. The bigger toys out there tend to make p-spot stimulation a bit more cumbersome, mostly because they do more for stimulating the anal wall’s sensitive nerve endings instead of simply concentrating solely on activating the prostate. However, you’ll know what you want to use better than I do.

*TIP: If you or your partner milk your prostate while vigorously stroking your cock, then chances are you will have multiple orgasms from multiple sources, and each of them will last longer than your previous relationship.

What to Expect When You’re Cumming Correct

If you’re trying to figure out whether you’re doing this shit correctly or not, there are a few things you need to look for during the process. Especially if you’re new to this whole prostate milking thing, you may or may not know what to expect. Have no fear, my perverted ass is here to help.

Imagine having an orgasm that’s so intense it feels like a typical orgasm multiplied by a factor of five. That’s one of the first thing you can expect if you do this shit right. Your orgasms will not just be focused in your asshole either. Instead, they will surround your entire genital area starting from deep inside your ass and ending way up in your abdomen. Even if you’re initially apprehensive about prostate play, having the chance to feel something like that is well worth trying it at least once in my humble opinion.

Furthermore, each orgasm is felt numerous times in a row – not just one and done. If you keep stimulating the p-spot, you will keep cumming like it’s an Olympic event. In other words, be prepared for a long night of O-face making and a big mess (in a good way). Although each guy’s experience is bound to be different, the results are pretty much the same when the milking is done correctly. Try it on for size and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Meanwhile, look out for some of these telltale signs that you’re doing it right:

  • You’ll feel some pretty intense muscle contractions inside your rectum, namely around the area of stimulation.
  • Your thigh and pelvic region will begin to twitch a bit as well.
  • You’ll start to feel a warming sensation in your pelvic area and around your genitals.
  • You will experience a sensation of fullness in your pelvis, abdomen, and rectum.
  • You may feel like you can’t hold your bladder, but you’re not likely to piss on yourself.
  • You will have multiple orgasms without having to wait for recovery.

Proper prostate milking is good for allowing men to achieve multiple orgasms because of the general mechanisms that run the human body. In more scientific terms, the male orgasm achieved using prostate massage doesn’t always end with ejaculation in a traditional sense. Usually, when you’ve achieved your climax, that’s it, at least for a little while. This delay is a result of what’s known as the “refractory period,” during which it’s damn near impossible to get it up again. The time for this period can last between mere minutes or even hours.

However, prostate milking allows men to achieve numerous orgasms because ejaculations aren’t derived from the penis, but are instead originated in the anus (via the prostate). So, orgasms can happen repeatedly, and they are often only about 10-30 seconds apart. Talk about a party in your pants. Now, keep in mind that getting these results sometimes takes practice. Just be patient and try the technique numerous times until you get the sensations you desire.

Safety First, Freaks

At this point, you probably agree with me that prostate play seems like loads of fun (pun totally intended). You know how to find your sweet spot, what to expect, and have some idea of the techniques used for getting it going properly. However, that doesn’t make you a pro by any means. There are still some things you need to know.

It took me years of practice to understand the dos and don’ts of prostate milking, and at first, I was relatively skeptical about the worthiness of the techniques involved. Initially, I was embarrassed to participate in ass play. I thought, for numerous reasons, that it stripped me of some of my manliness when, in fact, it only ended up making me feel like the king of the ring. Prostate play does not make you gay; and if you are gay, it doesn’t make you straight. It’s simply a fun and exciting method used to explore the capabilities of the human body without causing damage to your reputation (if you do it right).

Doing anything that results in multiple intense orgasms is always a good time, regardless of what mainstream society thinks about it. It’s typically done in the comfort of your own home, so who gives a shit anyway. Apparently, the notion of p-spot stimulation is growing in popularity regardless. Just look at all the toys available on the market today. However, simply jumping the gun because you’re enthusiastic about cumming until your eyes melt is never a good idea. Safety is always key, no matter what it is you’re doing.

In general, prostate stimulation is not dangerous at all. Still, there are some tips and tricks that must be abided by in order to have the best experience possible. Safety first, freaks – that’s the name of the game. Here are some things you need to make sure you do to eliminate the possibility of injury or embarrassment, presented here just in case you missed my advice earlier in this article:

  • Use plenty of high-quality lubricant before inserting anything into your ass.
    • This DOES NOT include using homemade lubes or human spit. Don’t be an idiot.
  • Only stick things up your ass if they’re designed to be stuck there.
    • Opt for a gentle finger or specifically designed Aneros device for example. No broomsticks or toothbrushes for the love of God.
  • Always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of toy you choose.
    • Those people know how to operate the toy better than you because they made the shit.
  • Never forget to clean your prostate milking toy after each use.
    • If things go sour down there, you will only have yourself to blame.
  • Try not to engage in prostate milking on a daily basis, as this may cause injury or irritation to your anal canal.
    • I suggest waiting between 48-72 hours between p-spot milking sessions just to be safe.
  • To avoid anal fissures, use more lube that you think is necessary and never play too rough.
    • A tear or cut in the anal wall can cause infection or pain during sex and may require immediate medical attention, not to mention it could make you bleed uncontrollably.
  • Warm up your anus by gently massaging the area before you insert anything inside.
    • Although anal fissures and other injuries can heal rather quickly, it’s best to play it safe by performing some gentle external massage prior to insertion.
  • If it’s your first time, leave that partner of yours at home.
    • While collaborating with someone may increase the pleasure derived by prostate milking, an overly aggressive partner and the passions felt thereof can do more harm than good if you’re not careful.
  • Always try to douche your anus before and after play time to reduce your risk of injury or infection.
    • Proper cleansing of the anal canal helps to flush out excess lubrication and bacteria from the area.
  • When cleaning out or douching your anus, be sure to use a hypoallergic fluid or enema for best results.
    • Never use tap water as a substitute for medically approved douching liquids.

A clean and properly milked asshole is a great thing for everyone involved, so don’t skip steps in your excitement or you and your partner will be very sorry. Also, keep in mind that some slight pain may be experienced if you play too rough or use a toy that’s too large for your bum. In the event that you feel pain, be sure to stop immediately to readjust your approach. The experience should be 100% pleasurable, so pain means it’s not working.

If sticking things up into your ass makes you feel good, then I say do it. Prostate milking is by no means a reflection of who you are as a man or of your sexual persuasion. Never be ashamed of having a kick ass orgasm. Nay-sayers are just jealous that they don’t have the balls to do this shit. Leave those losers in the dust where they belong.

Some Acceptable Anal Play Alternatives to Prostate Milking

If everything I’ve descried here doesn’t have you convinced that prostate milking is the shit, I haven’t done my job. Either way, there are some alternatives to the practice in the event that it’s not your cup of tea. External massage is always a terrific substitution, but as with p-spot milking, it takes a little practice and requires some technique.

Massaging the area between your balls and butthole, commonly referred to as a “taint,” is a great way to experience pleasure without going up inside yourself. When feeling around down there, look for a ridge – that’s home plate, son. Typically, it’s directly above that ridge that the prostate can be found in most men. However, as mentioned, all men are different.

Keep in mind that the pleasure derived by this external massage technique is nowhere near as awesome as a good internal poking. Because of the increased space between the prostate gland itself and your finger or toy, it’s much harder to hit the sweet spot or climax with this method. Still, it feels pretty good when you do it right, plus it can be used in between milking sessions to prevent irritation and anal fissures. Unfortunately, your chances of having one of those repetitive mind-blowing orgasms is much less when you do it this way.

Regardless, here is how you get it done. Mind you, the first two steps (cleaning and grooming) are the same as they are when you’re using the internal method:

STEP ONE: Position Yourself Properly

The easiest way to get the most out of this method is to lay down on your back. If doing this with a partner, sitting up on your hands and knees may work as well. Either way, it’s probably best to do this shit on the bed because you’ll likely wiggle around a bit as the tickling sensations begin.

STEP TWO: Go to Your Happy Place

Relax your body and prepare to be touched. If you become surprised, then you’ll probably tense up and that could complicate matters for everyone involved. It may help to listen to some erotic music, but it’s definitely important to breathe. Remember what I said about the slight muscular movements dictating the position of your prostate gland.


For best results, use only 3 fingers (the ring finger, the middle finger, and the index finger). Hold them together so they’re touching, forming one unit. It’s not necessary to spread them apart to create a tickling sensation because there are enough sensitive nerve endings down there to do the trick.

STEP FOUR: Get in the Zone

Lay flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat. Put your grouped together fingers on the “ridge” and apply some firm pressure. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable; it shouldn’t hurt in any way. However, if you’ve never done this shit before, it may take you a few minutes to find the sweet spot.

STEP FIVE: Do Sets and Reps

This technique works best if you treat it like a workout. Do a few sets or reps like a weightlifter would, going in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction until it starts to feel good. Follow this routine for a few minutes until your O-face starts to form.

*NOTE: You might want to experiment with various positions, pressures, and rotations until you find what works best for you. Since all dudes are different, it’s impossible for me to give you a one-size-fits-all technique unfortunately.

The Final Verdict

Being able to pleasure yourself in new ways is always exciting, especially with you have some real-world advice about how to do it right. It’s important to practice, avoiding injury or embarrassment as a result. Remember that it’s never too late to start prostate milking or externally massaging your taint for maximum self-pleasure. There should be no shame in your game, for real. Being fashionably late to the party is better than not ever showing up at all, isn’t it?