Top 5 Best Sex Chairs On The Market In 2019

According to recent studies, there are more than two million reported cases of sexually related injuries each year in the United States alone. And while many of those injuries are caused by general negligence, a large portion of them could have been prevented with the right sex chair. Regardless of who you are, what you want to do and who you want to do it with, properly selected seating for sex, foreplay and/or masturbation is probably more important than you care to admit.

Sex seating and supportive furniture is a popular purchase among folks who enjoy experimentation and/or enhancing the security of themselves or their partners during difficult positions. These things are meant to be practical more than they are attractive, although many manufacturers have begun incorporating better aesthetics into their products’ designs. The main idea, however, is to begin appreciating what a good sex chair can do for your love life.

What Is a Sex Chair?

These things are simply pieces of furniture made specifically to support the weight of the human body as it holds difficult or dangerous positions during sex, foreplay and/or masturbation. Chairs for sex are especially tailored to the user’s activities because they provide an elevated seat and often feature restraints and/or other safety components for increased pleasure and versatility. Usually, sex chairs are made out of skin-safe materials and most have adjustable parts for better individualized control.

Why Use It?

There are numerous advantages to using a high-quality sex chair during an intimate exchange. First and foremost, these unique pieces of erotica furniture allow for improved safety and security. However, they’re typically prized more substantially for their ability to enhance the experience as a whole.

Properly picked out furniture for sex can provide many (if not all) of the following benefits to the right person(s):

  • Easier achievement of virtually impossible positions
  • Longer endurance during intercourse and/or masturbation
  • More robust BDSM techniques
  • Increased creativity for passionate experimentation
  • Better orgasms overall

Knowing what these things are and how to use them is only half the battle. Because the industry has become so well aware of their value, manufacturers from all over the world have started making specially designed sex chairs and other types of erotic furniture. It’s more difficult than ever to find the right one, so what gives?

The Most Effective Ways to Find the Right Sex Chair

Although they might seem like simple products with one or two practical uses, lovemaking seats are perhaps the most customizable piece of furniture in the entire world. There are also thousands of options out there, which is why many people don’t even bother shopping for one. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that any consumer can use to help them track down the perfect seat for sex more quickly and efficiently. So, when shopping for a new piece of furniture for the bedroom, consider the following five factors:

  • The Shape

Keep in mind that all sex seats are not formed into the shape of your everyday dinner table chair. They’re designed to give you and/or your partner a safe, sturdy and secure place to rest your body during lovemaking and masturbation sessions. That means they can be almost any shape imaginable, so try to expect the unexpected. Just make sure the overall shape is conducive with the bodies involved and the activities planned.

  • The Size

Sex furniture comes in all different sizes, from small and travel-ready to large and permanently affixed in your room. The general dimensions thereof will play a huge rule in how much pleasure you get out of using it. Smaller chairs are awesome for on-the-go sex and discreet storage, but larger furniture may help you and/or your partner feel more secure when trying difficult things and many of them are made to enhance or integrate with your existing décor.

  • The Versatility

Did you that some sex chair designs allow you to use the seat in several different ways without compromising the integrity? Many models can even be twisted or folded into new shapes and different sizes to increase versatility in the bedroom. Larger, more permanent fixtures are versatile as well (in a way) because most of them look like everyday furniture and can therefore blend seamlessly into your home without sparking curiosity.

  • The Materials

Today’s best sex furniture offers a wide range of different material options, from silk and satin to polyester and nylon. Picking out the perfect material for your new seat is a totally subjective exercise, with things like skin type and lube selection the most important considerations. For optimal results, pick out a piece of furniture that’s easy to take care of, gentle on your skin and compatible with your chosen lube.

  • The Stuffing

They say it’s what’s on the inside the counts, and that’s very true when it comes to seats for sex. Because you’ll likely want a chair that can support your weight as well as the weight of your partner, try to choose one that’s filled with extra-dense materials like foam or gel. If all else fails, choose something that features no stuffing whatsoever. Those models are typically foldable but they’re not always as fun or easy to use, so choose wisely.

To pick out the best product, you need to know a little bit about yourself as well. Marketing teams are deployed at the speed of light to find ways to get your money. Many times, consumers fall victim to clever advertising and a lack of proper knowledge. Unscrupulous manufacturers depend on that fact, but reputable chair and pillow makers want you to take things more seriously so as to weed out the riffraff. Start the process by finding out the following things about yourself and/or your partner(s):

  1. Your Total Weight

Simply measure your body mass and add it to the total body mass of your selected partner. Most sex furniture is made to support the weight of two people, meaning heavy-duty booties are generally welcome. However, some chairs require special consideration in this regard, so be very careful what you pick.

  1. Your Skin Type

Find out whether there are any skin sensitivities or allergies in the mix before selecting a sex chair. Almost all of them are made from hypoallergenic materials, but even those materials can cause irritation if they’re used improperly. Furthermore, if your skin type requires you to use a certain kind of lube, make sure the furniture is compatible with it to prevent damage.

  1. Your Ideal Sex Position

Remember, not all positioning chairs are made the same, which means they don’t all do identical things. Consider the positions you plan to attempt and make sure the chair, pillow or wedge you choose can rise to the challenge. For example, some options are better suited for things like oral sex or doggy style than others.

  1. Your Lifestyle

Chairs like this come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, your lifestyle and living arrangements may require consideration before this purchase, especially if you have roommates or family in close proximity. Large items may be difficult to hide, so look for storage options. Smaller items may be easier to conceal but some of them get mistaken for common household goods. Be careful.

  1. Your Budget

The price of the average sex chair ranges greatly depending on its size, design, maker and intended purposes. However, it’s important not to forget about the cost of maintenance. While many models are machine washable or equipped with removeable covers, stocking up on toys, accessories, and cleaning supplies may require an extra investment. And no matter how big or small that investment is, you’ll still need to take it into consideration before selecting your next seat.

The Top 5 Best Sex Chairs of 2019:

Today’s industry for position aids is full of options, and many of them are pretty amazing if I’m being honest. Creative and innovative designs are introduced to the market every other day, but certain concepts seem to outlast the test of time and trend. Out of all the well-made pieces of furniture out there, I think the following five are probably your best options:



It’s not only the world’s most versatile sex pillow, it’s also the planet’s finest. This high-end sensuality seat offers a generous 27-degree angle when it’s folded into a wedge – the perfect height for deep penetration. It also features the Liberator brand’s patented Responsive Core stuffing, which means it moves and shifts gently with your body to increase comfort. The entire thing flips and folds into different shapes while being covered in silky-soft materials and measuring the perfect size for storage.


  • Removeable zip cover
  • Machine washable
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Features a moisture-wicking liner between cover and core
  • Cushions can be used together or independently


  • Somewhat expensive by comparison
  • May not fully support extra-large bodies



Hump your way to happiness with the Liberator Humphrey, a handsome sex chair with features fit for hands-free fun. Its smooth and sturdy design was made with sex toy use in mind. Ideal for getting the most out of any vibrator, wand or non-flared suction cup dildo, the LH seat features the brand’s patented Responsive Core and has conveniently placed inception pockets for your playthings to join the party. This thing also has body-conscious measurements and can be stored easily under almost any bed.


  • Removeable zip cover
  • Machine washable
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Features a moisture-wicking liner between cover and core
  • Secures your favorite sex toy in place


  • May not offer the positioning support some users are looking for
  • Sex toy not included



Become the master of your own destiny with this hooked up combo kit filled with sexy surprises, including a positioning wedge, a 4-way hog tie, a satin blindfold and an over-the-door swing for full suspension experimentation. This eight-piece position enhancer package provides you and/or your partner with everything you need to enjoy safe and satisfying BDSM. Best of all, it’s perfect for beginners and pros, plus it’s all made from completely skin-safe materials that are compatible with all water-based lubricants.


  • Soft and sturdy wedge as the star of the kit
  • Comes with a ton of accessories
  • Uses adjustable straps for better customization
  • Velcro cuffs and quick-release clips for improved safety
  • Contained within its own storage bag


  • Wedge not angled enough for all users
  • May not be practical for people uninterested in BDSM



This particular position enhancer has the ability to lift your entire body off the bed due to its unique design. Sculpted to accommodate the user’s natural curves, the Hipster helps create perfect right angles and optimized access. The 33-inch body is filled with the manufacturer’s patented foam blend and covered in a washable velvet-like material. Sleek, stylish and sturdy, Liberator has done it again with their most practical sex chair of all – ideal for everything from deep penetration to long, comfortable oral sessions.


  • Removeable zip cover
  • Machine washable
  • Made with hypoallergenic microfiber and high-density foam
  • Features a moisture-wicking liner between cover and core
  • Double curve design for improved comfort


  • May have too great of an angle for some users
  • Somewhat heavy by comparison



Jazz up your sex life with this pleasure pillow that’s made specifically for two hot bodies in motion. It features a uniquely curved bottom on one end for supreme rocking, while the other end is completely flat for improved security. Use one side or the other, it doesn’t matter, because this bad boy supports the kinds of see-saw actions you desire most. With the brand’s patented Responsive Core filling and a non-slip microfiber case, the Liberator Jaz is like music to your genitals.


  • Dual sided design for twice the fun
  • Removeable zip cover
  • Machine washable
  • Made with skin-safe materials
  • Features a moisture-wicking liner between cover and core


  • May not be large enough for some users
  • Best when used with other furniture or sex toys

The Final Word

It’s not always easy finding the right sex furniture, especially considering how many options are currently out there. In fact, the competition is so stiff that many people think these products are all the same. And while the idea behind seats and position enhancers is always to improve the comfort and safety for the user, not all models are identical so it’s important to know how to tell them apart. Hasty selection of your next sex seat could lead to a major pain in the ass (literally).

Sex Chair FAQ

Q: Can I or my partner get hurt by using a chair made for sex?

A: Although these products are made primarily to increase comfort and safety during sex, foreplay and/or masturbation, improper use of them can lead to injury. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and only experiment with your chair in ways that are endorsed by the designer to prevent accidents from happening.

Q: How do I properly clean and maintain a sex chair?

A: Usually, your chair will come with its own set of care and maintenance instructions. Clean and store your product based on what that document says. However, understand that some general cleanliness rules are always in play. When it comes to furniture for erotic positioning, a quick wipe-down or wash after every use is essential. Also, never use an incompatible lubricant or else the cover material may become compromised.

Q: Can using a position supporting product increase my/my partner’s chances of becoming pregnant?

A: There’s speculation that certain sex positions may lead to a slight increase in a person’s fertility or ability to conceive. However, those theories have yet to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Proper positioning may increase a person’s sexual desire, boost their ability to ejaculate and even assist them with erectile dysfunction. In those ways, a good sex chair may increase a person’s chances of impregnating or being pregnant.

Q: Will a sex chair help with erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease?

A: These products are made specifically for people who cannot naturally achieve sex positions on their own or without physical support. Because they offer such sturdy backing, they allow people to penetrate or be penetrated at a wide range of angles – terrific news for men with curved penises (Peyronie’s Disease). Their ability to keep your partner’s body in a specific position for prolonged periods of time may also increase ejaculate quality and frequency in some users.

Q: Can I use a sex toy with these things?

A: Depending on the shape, size and kind of chair you choose, the use of toys is not only permitted but also encouraged. In fact, some models come with their very own slots or pockets for vibrators, dildos, wands and bullets. At the same time, many chairs can accommodate sex toy use without having special accommodating features. Either way, playing with your favorite marital aids is most definitely a possibility with these things.

Q: What materials should I look for in a good seat or pillow for sex?

A: The materials you’ll want depend on several factors, including but not always limited to the following:

  • Your skin type
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your lube selection
  • Your aesthetic preferences

Select a material that makes life safer, easier and more comfortable. Most chairs are made out of skin-safe materials anyway, but always check to be sure.

Q: Are there any materials I want to stay away from?

A: In general, certain manufacturing materials pose a potential threat to all those who come in contact with it regardless of the presence of sensitivities and/or allergies (or lack thereof). Such materials are things like latex, parabens and phthalates. Stay away from products containing those materials to ensure a good time for everybody. For best results, always choose products constructed out of hypoallergenic stuff such as medical-grade silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or another patented polycarbonate blend.

Q: What happens if my product becomes damaged somehow?

A: Most of the time, higher end sex furniture comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. That’s not always the case, but the best options always include a quality promise from the maker. Take advantage of the added security by registering any warranty provided with your product within 30 days of your purchase. That way, if something happens to the product itself, you may or may not be responsible for repairing and/or replacing it.

Q: What’s the best way to store a chair or cushion that’s made specifically for sex positioning?

A: High-quality sex furniture deserves responsible ownership habits, meaning you’ll need to figure out how and where to store your product when it’s not in use. Most of the time, these things can be tucked discreetly under your bed or put up in the closet. The options are only as limited as your lifestyle and living situation. However, it’s never recommended that you leave your furniture out in the open to be used a common seating or body support. Also, try to keep yours away from dirt, debris and dust as much as possible.

Q: How often am I supposed to wash the cover of my pillow?

A: Ideally, you would wash the cover of your pillow, cushion or wedge after every use, especially if there was ejaculate or lube spilled on the cover. Simply turn the cover inside out before placing it in the washing machine to prevent color fading and thread damage.

Q: Do I need to have any special skills or supplies to use one of these things?

A: You do not need any special skills or equipment to enjoy high-quality sex furniture. However, you may want to brush up on the positioning described in the Kama Sutra while also making sure your sex toys and lubes are all in order.