Reviews Of The Top 10 Best Onaholes On The Market For 2020 + Discounts & a Buying Guide

An onahole, otherwise known as a handheld male masturbator, is a manual pleasure device that allows men to stimulate the nerve endings on their penis at varying speeds and/or intensity levels. They’re used for everything from assisted ejaculation to stamina training, with a wide variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. These devices also range greatly in complexity and can be crafted out of several different materials, including things like silicone, TPE, PVC and polycarbonate plastics. For most men, a good onahole is what separates them from being wild animals with an insatiable sexual appetite, especially considering how discreet these devices usually are.

The Most Commonly Found Features In Onaholes

You’ll probably notice that onahole designs are extremely diverse at this point in our development. They’re often inspired by Asian culture and they can also be tailored to the user’s unique preferences in many cases. However, for a sex toy to be officially considered an ona, it has to possess the following four characteristics:

  • A Fleshy Material

A decent O-hole will almost always have a skin-like quality to it, at least when it comes to the part that you penetrate with your penis. This may include the use of potentially dangerous materials, however, so be sure to check the label before inserting yourself. For best results, stay away from anything that contains phthalates, parabens or latex.

  • A Detailed Orifice

You’ll almost always find onas with openings that are designed to look and/or feel like real human genitalia. This can include vaginal orifices and anal ones too. Some models even come with interchangeable sleeves so the user can freely experiment with different visuals and sensations while he masturbates. In some cases, the orifice can be made to match the details of a specific person.

  • A Smooth or Texturized Canal

The best part about these particular sex toys for men is that they’re usually equipped with specialty textures in, on or around the masturbation canal. High-end devices can actually mimic the sensations of intercourse with a real porn performer or partner, while others are made specifically to actively engage the nerve endings of the user’s penis for a more purposeful form of manual stimulation.

  • A Discreet Design

One of the most glaring characteristics of these specialized sex toys is their ability to blend in seamlessly with their casual surroundings. Many are designed to assimilate into the background undetected – made to look like common items such as beer bottles and flashlights. In fact, it’s that exact property that turned otherwise unknown brands into household names.

Keep in mind that an onahole does not have to come with a hard, outer casing to be included in this category. However, most men agree that an ergonomic case is preferred for most activities. Higher-end sex toys like the Autoblow A.I., the Fleshlight Launch and the LELO F1S Developer’s Kit – each of which has not only a hard, outer casing but also a plethora of high-tech pleasure features – are primary examples of just how far we’ve come as a sexually active species. The technologies and components used on those devices are surprisingly powerful and more user-friendly than even the best onahole on the market. However, they’re not ideal for everybody either because each of them has its own set of benefits and drawbacks when it comes to owning and/or using it.

Our Top 10 Best Onaholes on the Market in 2020

There are literally thousands of different ona models for the average user to choose from, with an extremely wide range of features, functionality and flaws to like or dislike. The average man can’t possibly sift through the market’s resources in a single lifetime, which means he has to have some keen recommendations or else he’s doomed to fail. Fortunately, the following 10 pleasure products have made it easy on me by naturally becoming consumer favorites and influencing the industry all on their own:

#1. The Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator

It’s one of the best textured male masturbators on the market and it’s not even made by a famous manufacturer. The supernatural canal is superbly stimulating to the user’s penis, plus it’s molded after the actual vagina of Asian porn superstar, Zhang Xiao Yu. The entire thing is completely submersible in water, meaning you can take it into the bath or shower no problem, and it can accommodate a large number of penis sizes too (including extra-large ones with enough lube).

PRO: Super soft, skin-safe materials for durable, long-lasting pleasures

CON: May be too expensive for some because it’s considered a collector’s item

#2. The Sujiman Kupa Lolinco (or SKL)

Made by a sex toy company called Magic Eyes, this onahole is incredibly tight but still offers a hyper-realistic texture within the silky-soft masturbation canal. It comes with its own sample of lubricating lotion and is ergonomically designed to make jerking off and cleaning up a pair of simplified tasks. It’s not necessarily a collector’s item but it’s not a cheap device either, especially considering the user-friendly dimensions and solid craftsmanship that have made it such a popular option for modern men.

PRO: Great value for the price

CON: Canal texture may not be as stimulating as some similar models

#3. The La Bocca Della Verita

Another amazing product by the Magic Eyes company, this spectacular glory hole is designed specifically to mimic the sensations of real oral sex. It features a pristine canal texture, an ergonomic size and shape, and a super soft material that’s safe for all skin types. On top of that, it also comes with a sample bottle of hypoallergenic lubricant lotion and can be taken into the water for hot aquatic pleasures. Like the other devices made by the brand, it’s easy to clean, simple to maintain, and looks good on the shelf.

PRO: Feels like a tongue swirling around the head and shaft of your penis

CON: Does not include manual or automatic suction controls for enhanced oral sex realism

#4. The “My Girlfriend is in Heat” Onahole

This little number is one of world’s few and proud two-holed onas, plus it has a name that most of us can pronounce. What’s more is that it comes with a pair of hot hips and part of the “girlfriend’s” thighs for a better grip while you thrust, not to mention the fact that both canals (anal and/or vaginal) are delicately textured and different in every way possible. It’s a two-for-one sex toy for men and it’s waking up depressed dicks all over the planet.

PRO: Provides more realistic visuals to enhance the user’s experience

CON: May be too heavy or too difficult to clean for some users

#5. The Puni Ana SPDX

As a nearly full-sized sex doll, the Puni Ana is hardly an onahole by definition. However, its inclusion of a full torso only helps to improve the experience in ways that less equipped models can’t. For example, it features a few bonus pleasure functions to enhance the delivery of sensations within its texturized penile tube. This thing also comes with a free sample of personal lubricant and two distinct penetration points to explore at your leisure.

PRO: Creates an extremely realistic sensation when used as directed

CON: Rather loud while in operation, especially on the highest setting

  1. The Julia +

The J+ is considered to be one of the most luxurious O-holes in all the land, with tons of great reviews from the people who have had the pleasure of using it. The toy features an extremely stimulating canal texture, a tight fit, and a beautiful orifice to look at. On top of that, it comes with a starter packet of high-end lubricant and comes in far below the price point of many of its competitors.

PRO: Lightweight, ergonomic design for easier masturbation

CON: Does not offer any bonus features for sensation experimentation

  1. The Meiki no Syoumei 06 by Yen Jyu Yi

I dare you to say the name of this toy 10 times fast. Now, I dare you to say even the simplest of words while using it to jerk off with. Can’t do it, can ya? That’s because this toy is no joke, with a lifelike material composition and a humanistic approach to its overall design. The stimulation nodes lining the canal are serious business too, plus the device creates slight vacuum suction inside the masturbation chamber for even more intense sessions.

PRO: Durably built making it ideal for long-lasting masturbation sessions

CON: May not accommodate all penis sizes

  1. The Moe Body / Kaitai Shinsho

In the industry, this little number is known as “the onahole with a great rack.” So, while the other guys are wrestling around with full-size sex dolls or onas with thighs, you’ll be the lucky one watching tits bounce with every thrust. Made by the Magic Eyes brand, it’s a small-scale replica with a realistic rib cage inside to enhance the durability, plus it features one of the most skin-like materials on the modern-day market thanks to the maker’s astute use of technology.

PRO: Silky-soft breasts that look and feel like the real thing

CON: May be too heavy for some users, especially those with mobility limitations

  1. The Sujiman Kupa Cocolo

While it may not be as tight or feature rich as some of its competitors, this bad boy (or girl, I should say) offers an extreme amount of stimulation through customizable manual power and its use of two distinct penetration points. Users can choose between an anus or vagina while exploring the soft, gently texturized interior with their free sample of hypoallergenic lubricating lotion that’s thrown in by the manufacturer (Magic Eyes) just for good measure. And for something so small, the Sujiman sure can swallow up a big dick.

PRO: Somewhat compact size makes it easy to use for all men

CON: May not be appropriate for men with small or skinny penises

  1. The Legend of the Princess Yui Hatano Onahole

Molded after the famous Japanese porn star, Yui Hantano, this ultra-realistic onahole features lifelike detailing inside and out. The tight, texturized masturbation canal is crafted out of fleshy material that’s safe for all users and compatible with most lubes, plus it comes with an autographed photo of the namesake and a small, free bottle of hypoallergenic lubricant to get you started. Paired with one of her movies, this elegant O-hole can transform a man’s experience in countless ways.

PRO: Does not offer dual entry points for double stimulation

CON: Somewhat expensive compared to similar models

Use your best judgment when picking out a new ona because there’s no right or wrong answer here, just the facts and your rightful opinion. The point is to find something that checks every box for you, not someone else. Whether that be realistic visuals, intense canal texturizations or a unique combination of both, don’t let a manufacturer’s clever team of marketers lead you astray.

Onahole FAQ

Q: My device was expensive. Is there a specific way I need to store it to prevent damage?

A: While these types of sex toys can range widely in price, it’s still important to treat each purchase with the respect it deserves. As such, be sure to store your onahole in a safe spot when you get done masturbating with it. Safe spots generally include bedside drawers, medicine cabinets and closets. Whatever you do, just be sure that the storage place is kept dry and out of direct sunlight. Keep your cool by refraining from storing your toys in spots that are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures or tampering from nosy onlookers. NOTE: If your device comes with its own storage container, be sure to use that instead.

Q: How am I supposed to clean out this thing when I get done using it?

A: The way in which you’ll be required to clean your spent onahole depends on its overall design and on the instructions on the manufacturer. Be sure to read your owner’s manual for more detailed information. In general, however, you’ll want to thoroughly rinse your device with fresh, warm water and non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap or sex toy cleaning product for best results. Always allow your toy to dry completely before putting it away for storage. Refrain from scrubbing your plaything if at all possible, especially if it features a skin-like material.

Q: Is there a special type of lube that works best with an onahole?

A: The lube you use should be based on your preferences as a man who’s manually masturbation with the sex toy. On the other hand, it also needs to be compatible with the materials on your device. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you determine which type of lube to use for this occasion:


Ideal for all skin types, can be used on every sex toy material in existence today, does not stain fabrics but doesn’t last as long as the others


Ideal for anal sex because of its relative longevity, silky to the touch but can stain fabrics and might not be ideal for all skin types


Safe for all skin types, can be used on all sex toy materials besides silicone, may stain some fabrics but lasts a very long time

Choose your lubricants carefully. If all else fails, slather on the sample substance that was sent with your toy until you can restock your supply.

Q: Can I install an ona into an automatic stroking machine for hands-free stimulation?

A: Most of the time, users cannot attach a manual onahole onto an automatic stroking machine of any kind. Only certain brands allow for that kind of play and it’s relatively rare on the market thus far. To combine the sensations of a good ona with a hands-free device, select something from a brand that offers integrated technologies and interactive functionality with their products. Simple O-holes are not meant to be extremely complex toys because they were made with the average man’s casual encounter in mind.

Q: Can I get hurt in any way by using one of these toys?

A: If you use your plaything as directed by the manufacturer, there should be no potential injuries to worry about. However, devices that are stored incorrectly or kept unclean in between uses can pose a problem. Dirty masturbation devices can harbor dangerous amounts of deadly bacteria, especially if they’re used by a man who didn’t wash his genitals before jerking off. Unclean toys can also attract dirt, dust and debris from the surrounding environment, thereby decreasing the amount of pleasure the user can derive while significantly damaging the device itself. In fact, some manufacturers refuse to honor a money-back guarantee because the user act with willful negligence. Play it safe out there, boys.

Q: Can this device help me with premature ejaculation?

A: When done frequently, fervent masturbation can help a man increase his sexual stamina by a significant margin. Therefore, using a well-made O-hole to stimulate your penis may improve your ability to last longer in bed.