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Penis size matters.

This is a fact some people try to refute supported with a number of articles out there. However, you will all agree with me that when a man has a small penis they are going to have number psychological issues that are definitely going to lead to their bedroom under-performance. A smaller penis is likely to lead to a lot of sexual anxiety and erectile dysfunction which is highly likely to affect your overall sexual performance. If you are in this category of small penis, your troubles are soon to be over because Andropenis male extender has just brought the right solution for you.

What is Andropenis Male Extender?

This is a penis stretcher designed to increase you size of erection from prolonged use. These device works through traction. The idea behind its working is stretching the penis gently so that a new room is created within the spaces left after the stretching has taken place. This new room is then filed by new tissues that grow between. According to its manufacture, andropenis male extender has a 97.5% of success rate when used as they are directed. It also solves the penile curvature issues.

How we know it works

One of the reasons I am comfortable with this device is the positive user satisfaction review. Most users have reported to be contented with the AndroPenis. Secondly, clinical statics do not lie. According to clinical statistics most users who have used this device have reported that it was a success. There are also a number of endorsement and assessments performed on the device. Andropenis was made by AndroMedical and physicians from all over the world endorse Andromedical and their products.

Andropenis Review: How Does It Work?

In order for this device to work, you are expected to wear it from 4 to 9 hours every day. The fact that it is a mechanical device does not mean it is uncomfortable. In fact, it can be worn under clothes during normal work or even during your normal activities. It stretches the tissues in your penis throughout the day giving room for the new tissues to form. Within the next six months, the user can expect an extended length of their penis to up to 1.5 inches. The changes can be seen in both a flaccid state and erectile state apart from that, the change is also permanent.

Andropenis Reputation

One of the reason people seek about the reputation of any device is to find out whether the device works and if it has other side effects and. Yes the device works. The device was designed using the idea of penile traction. According to different studies documented in a number of journals such as the British Journal of Urologandromedicaly International penile extenders work. Andropenis is one of the best penile extender designed by Andromedical for not only erectile function improvement but also for length and girth expansion.

Key ingredients

There are no ingredients with this device since it is a stretcher and not a supplement to be taken.

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Why is Andropenis One Of The Best?

I am recommending this device as one of my best chose due to the fact that it is a certified device backed by a committee of doctors. Secondly, the device is distributed from a licensed manufacturing facility that is basically constructed with only medical grade components having been tested and proven to increase erection performance and size.

Andropenis Advantages

· Working mechanism is based on solid principles.

· It has a money back guarantee in case the customer finds out it is not what they expected.

· There is no oral treatment accompanied. However, supplementation can significantly enhance the treatment.

· It is a high caliber and quality product

· There is clinical data available to support its legitimacy proving its efficiency

· It is safe and has a very easy ordering process which includes a fast class customer support with your purchase for any question inquiry and concern

Andropenis Disadvantages

· Even though it is comfortable, it is not the most comfortable extender. This is one of the primary qualities of any extender.

· It is one of the most expensive device extenders in the market. Some users reported that they had to upgrade to a more expensive package for them to get the best results. However, you cannot put a price on its level of safety and effectiveness. Also the amount of licensing and certificates come in handy giving it a huge advantage over most extenders in the market.

· The website under which this device is ordered that is the Andromedical website is not very user friendly. Sometimes it is hard to navigate and confusing to certain extent. The good thing is that it offers all the resource you could be looking for.

How effective is it?

Statistics show that his device has served over 350,000 patients from all over the world. This has helped build the reputation of Andromedical as one of the most successful and largest penile extenders in the world. This has also helped prove that penile traction as a medical means of extending the size of the penis is natural, safe and noninvasive. This is a much better option compared to surgery.

What precautions needs to be taken while taking pills

There might be some sort of pain if the penis over extended. Do it gradually and adjust the stretch as soon as you have gotten used to it.

Side effects

Research and statistics show that there are no side effects coming with using this device except the possible pain in your penis due to the effects of the stretching.

Money back guarantee

There is a money back guarantee to the customer in case they are not pleased with the product. 


Andropenis can definitely increase the length of your penis. However, the result can be different from one person to the other. The product is a little costly but with the kind of certification and support the product receives, I can guarantee you that is the best offer you will ever get anywhere. The other thing that makes this device worth a try is the level of success and confidence it has shown by user statistics.

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