Most Realistic Fleshlight Sleeve Textures 2017



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Most Realistic Fleshlight Sleeve Textures 2017
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We are big fans of the Fleshlight brand. In fact, members of our team have personally tested each product for efficacy, durability, and value, as well as for many other factors which we believe to be vital to a person in search of a high quality fake vagina.fleshlight review The Fleshlight brand, which required an initial investment of over $2 million to get off the ground, is now one of the world’s most famous lines of sex toys.

 The Fleshlight Lineup

Our favorite part about what the Fleshlight brand offers is the variety. Between stamina trainers, classic vaginas, and customizable pussies, there is literally something for everybody. There are even accessories which allow users to enjoy their Fleshlight vagina virtually or hands-free.

The Fleshlight, which is now considered to be an elite selection of the most high-tech sex toys known to man, features a number of popular products that have become the brand’s claim to fame. So, what is the best Fleshlight texture of 2017? Here is our list:

rank_1Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Kiiroo Onyx 2, which is considered by many to be the most advanced masturbator on the market, is designed to provide a new kind of experience. We liked how it utilized a Fleshlight sleeve inside of it, and the fact that we could experience the sensation of male milking was pretty cool too. The Kiiroo Onyx 2 actually has nearly a dozen contracting rings within, which do an amazing job at simulating a real sexual encounter.

Our team really appreciated how the Kiiroo Onyx 2 connected to another Onyx or to the Kiiroo Pearl, which made it perfect for sexy time with our partners. We were able to feel our lovers pulsating in real-time, even when we were far away. The wireless and Bluetooth compatible Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl both use the patented Fleshlight SuperSkin material on the inner sleeve, so everyone is able to have a good time.



rank_2Fleshlight Ice

Some fellas like to see their cock slide in and out of an orifice and that’s how they get off. Shubin didn’t forget about those guys either. His Fleshlight Ice is supposed to serve as a visual aid for sexual voyeurs who are in love with their own junk. The makers of this sex toy want you to get an eyeful, and we most certainly did when we used it. This transparent tantalizer is supposed to blow your mind, if you can keep your eyes open while you cum that is.

As the only see-through model in the Fleshlight lineup, the Ice provides stimulation to more than just your crotch. Made to help you mentally inspire yourself, we liked the fact that this little number not only got us off but it also looked pretty cool too.



Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)

They say that practice makes perfect, and having sex is no exception. In fact, Shubin is such a big supporter of routinely touching yourself that he developed a Stamina Training Unit (STU) for his quick-release customers.

The Fleshlight STU is made to create insanely intense sensations which mimic hardcore intercourse. Over time, this massive amount of stimulation desensitizes the nerves in the penis just enough to make vigorous sex something you can make it through for more than 10 seconds.

In fact, there is even a way for users to see where they stack up against other avid stokers. Forget Guitar Hero. Fleshlight fans can hook up the interactive usb adapter and play Vstroker Hero! 🙂 . Manage, track, and compare your scores with others and see who can last the longest! From zero to lasting hero 🙂






Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady

Inventor of the Fleshlight brand, Steve Shubin, was an Army veteran and a SWAT team member. That said, it’s probably fair to assume that he enjoys the classics. fleshlight reviewThe Fleshlight Classics models are a tribute to good old-fashioned fucking, even if you are doing it the New School way. We especially enjoy the durability of the original collection.

But to be completely honest, the pleasure factor of the original Fleshlight lineup is the real reason why we so happily test these products. Their self-pleasure toys are amazing even without all the bells and whistles, and the Classic Lady, the Classic Mouth, and the Classic Butt are always ready and willing to go. We love the SuperSkin material which comprises the opening. It definitely had us “cumming” back for more.






rank_5Fleshlight Go Surge

We will be brief: this gadget is more powerful than it looks. Made for people who need to feel pleasure on the run, the Fleshlight Go is a pretty handy little fake vagina – literally. Igot is simply a smaller and more compact version of the original Fleshlight, and this one works with a discrete one-handed action. There are no special accessories needed to make using this thing a mind-blowing experience.

We were able to travel with it easily, and we didn’t feel like complete perverts at the airport TSA either. The Fleshlight Go reminded us over and over again that big things can fit into small spaces, or something like that. Our team went ahead and purchased the shower mount just to get the adapter for free, which made the Fleshlight Go one of our top picks.


rank_6Fleshlight Flight

Our people were pretty excited about the release of the Fleshlight Flight, mostly because we knew it would be amazing. Ibest fleshlightt is much sleeker than the original, which makes it a pleasure to pack when you’re leaving on a trip. It is different from the Fleshlight Go in that it is not only ergonomically designed but it is also designed to be exceptionally discrete.

The Fleshlight Flight gave us options too, with two distinct Superskin textures we could swap out at our whim: Pilot and Instructor. Modeled to function exactly like the original model that turned the Fleshlight brand into a household name, we found that the Fleshlight Flight soared high above the rest – or at least we did when we were testing it out.




rank_7Fleshlight Quickshot

The Fleshlight Quickshot is supposed to be used when you don’t have a lot of time to pleasure yourself, but it’s effective enough to be your one and only fake vagina if you let it. what is a fleshlightIn fact, the Quickshot features a supreme design using a highly compact sleeve – one that is completely open on both sides, allowing you to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Designed for frantic masturbators with time constraints in mind, the Fleshlight Quickshot is a pretty good match for people who like to take things slow too. We found it incredibly easy to clean up after we used it, which is probably the main selling point. Used with a great water-based lube, the Fleshlight Quickshot is perfect for both couples’ play and alone time, with minimal maintenance required to keep it in good shape for a long time.



Speaking of the Vstroker interactive adapter, we tested that one out as well. vstroker-2Let’s just say that this is the future of masturbation and it looks orgasmic. It can be used with any certain Fleshlight or Fleshjack toys, and what it does will blow your mind and have your eyes rolling into the back of your head.

The VStroker is a Bluetooth-ready adapter which links up to your favorite Fleshlight to provide you with a virtual sex session that is completely customizable and like nothing else you’ve ever seen.  We will not reveal you much but only trigger your imagination. Have you ever played or heard of Guitar Hero? What if we told you that Vstroker Hero actually exists…


bonusFleshlight Girls Collection

For those interested in having a tailored self-sex experience with a Fleshlight brand masturbator, we highly suggest checking out the Fleshlight Girls lineup.jesse-jane-fleshlightWe got to choose which one of the famous Fleshlight Girls we wanted to bang, and then we ordered the materials to make that happen. Our tip: pick out your favorite porn star from the Fleshlight Girls selection and hook yourself up with the Fleshlight Vibro or Vstroker to have the kind of experience you only have in your dreams.

It goes like this: Fleshlight Girls have been kind enough to mold their pretty pussies for your pleasure. The makers of Fleshlight then use those molds to fashion unique sleeves out of their patented SuperSkin material using the popular Lotus texture, and each one works in tandem with every one of their products. The sleeves are designed to be an exact replica of the porn star’s vagina, which makes masturbating more of a hobby and less of a closed-doored pastime.

We thought the best part about the Fleshlight Girls sleeves is the fact that each one is very distinct. Not only is the inner sleeve molded to feel like you are penetrating that actual vagina, but the entrance at the head of the Fleshlight is fashioned to look like her as well. Fuck her from her pussy lips until you bottom out inside of her, and make no apologies along the way.





There is something for gay people as well. Actually, alot! Fleshlight came up with quite a large product line up already and it keeps increasing every month!fleshjack-4

Our gay team members loved these toys especially – Fleshjack Boys Line with the perfect design for a bunch of hot male-on-male action, or at least a very realistic simulation of it. By that we mean: The Fleshjack is a serious contender for those who want a genuinely satisfying sexual experience with (or without) their partner.

We were able to get off exponentially stronger, and our sensations by pairing the Fleshjack with the VStroker adapter were phenomenal. Add the sleeve warmer or take it to the shower with you and we dare you to tell the difference between using the Fleshjack and having real sex.




bonusFleshlight Vibro

For the longest time, vibrating sex toys were reserved just for women. But Mr. Shubin and his team had our group wondering why vibes hadn’t been made for the boys all along. Abest fleshlights the Fleshlight brand grew into its own skin, numerous improvements were made and this is definitely one of those. The Fleshlight Vibro incorporates vibrations into your otherwise self-propelled pleasure session, which made us kind of crazy about it.

The Fleshlight Vibro is invigorating to say the least. It uses the same SuperSkin that Fleshlight fans have come to know and love. However, the added vibrations from the strong and durable internal motor make this model a real shocker. Add this sucker to your primping routine by using the shower mount accessory and go hands-free with it like a champ.




bonusBuild-Your-Own Fleshlight (If you build it, you will cum 🙂 )

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the Fleshlight brand introduced the Build-Your-Own model and we all lost our minds.

All of the sudden we were immersed in more sexy options than we knew what to do with. The Build-Your-Own Fleshlight features three separate and fully-customizable parts: the textured sleeve, the molded lady orifice, and the colorful case.

With 360-degrees of mind-blowing bliss that is customized especially for users, we loved playing with the Build-Your-Own model. We simply chose our favorite Destroya texture, picked out a Fleshlight Girls lady orifice, and opted for our favorite shade of case (between the choices of black, blue, or silver). While our results tended to vary, there weren’t many complaints thrown in the direction of the Build-Your-Own model, which just so happens to work wonders with the Fleshlight attachments and accessories as well.




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Our Final Verdict about the Fleshlight Lineup

It would be a big, fat lie if we said we didn’t have a special place in our hearts for the Fleshlight brand. We really appreciate the lineup because most of the products work in unison with one another. It seriously does not take that long to have a huge collection of Fleshlights, sleeves, attachments, adapters, and lubes. Hell, that’s one of the best parts of being a fake vagina fan.

It’s also really nice to see how many different options we had when we were creating a self-pleasure plan for ourselves. Like Shubin said, getting familiar with our own bodies is important; it just so happens to be a lot of fun as well. Fleshlight always makes it so easy for us to customize our faux fucking, whether we are traveling, playing with our partners, exploring our options, or keeping it kinky.

Our team was able to create their own Fleshlight experience from start to explosive finish using one or more of the products listed here. Oh, and most of our shopping trips came in under $300 (except for that one guy), and that isn’t too bad considering how durable these sexy bastards are.

You can buy or get more information about this awesome sex toy at the official fleshlight webpage.

If you are interested in fleshlight alternatives you can find them by clicking here.

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